Sunday, January 1, 2012

5 Best Tips to Make your Google Adwords campaign Effective

5 Best Tips to Make your Google Adwords campaign Effective
The idea of turning money into traffic has become extremely palatable to modern business users, but a simple mistakes can destroy any potential success that  an ad might generate. I thought a quick run-down of the common errors and a few extra tips thrown into the mix would be helpful to Make your Adwords campaign Effective..
1. Language Preference Settings for Google Adwords Campaigns: – Language Preference Settings are accessible through the campaign settings. It is a bad practice to select any campaign to show in all languages when the ad is written in English. Google will permit this circumstance to occur, but Google does not translate the ad. Make sure you are creating separate ad copy with the language preferences you are targeting.
2. Optimizing the Display URL:  Display URL is part of the ad copy – A user’s eyes have a hard time distinguishing the words in The words in the URL all run together making it a non-selling point in an ad. The more effective solution is to type Now, it jumps out to users’ eyes and encourages them to click.
3. Keyword Relevancy with ad: – Including so many keywords in one adgroup and writing one  ad to all all keywords is not an effective way for a successful Adwords campaign . All keywords must be closely related to each other in nature to be successful. Create separate ad groups for each product and add the relevant keywords under keywords. For Example If you sell old and new books, Create a separate ad for old books and one more ad for new books, instead of creating one add which contains old and new books.
4. Using Negative keywords: – If you’re using broad matched keywords and trying to sell something, keep in mind that “Free” keywords do not sell the product. So better not to include “Free” keywords in your keyword list and make sure that you have added the free keywords as Negative keywords. The reason as you are using the broad match  google will try to show your ad for all the keywords that are closely related to your search terms, If you add your negative keywords under the negative keywords section google will now your add for search terms containing your negative keywords.
The simple reason to add free as a negative keyword is “When users are searching for something free they are not looking to buy something.”
5. Create Separate Campaign for Content Networks – I frequently hear that the Content Network just doesn’t convert. That is simply not true, but the conversion rates are usually lower than search. The bids are usually lower though which frequently makes for an effective cost-per-conversion. My suggestion is to opt your search campaigns out of the Content Network and create a separate “Content Network only” campaign. This makes it easier to eyeball the general stats on the campaign summary screens, and to manage them separately (as they should be). It’s good to test different bidding on the Content Network by raising and lowering the bids until you find the optimum cost-per-conversion amount. I frequently find Google’s help sections inadequate, but their info on this subject is superb.

These are the 5 Best Tips to Make your Google Adwords campaign Effective, I will post more tips for Google adwords users here every time...

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